Winners Selected in
Bowl For The Cure Fabulous Four Essay Contest

  The Fabulous Four essay contest is part of Bowl for the Cure®, a year-round fundraising initiative sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress in partnership with Susan G. Komen®. The contest was started three years ago to raise awareness about breast cancer and to honor four women who either have gone through a breast cancer diagnosis or have been instrumental in helping support the cause and finding a cure.
  “We are thrilled to honor these four women who not only have had to face harrowing battles against breast cancer, but have gone above and beyond to give back to others who have been affected by the disease,” said Christina Alford, senior vice president of development at Komen. “Our longstanding partnership with Bowl for the Cure has enabled us to reach survivors and supporters across the country, and we are so thankful for their dedication to our cause over the past 16 years.”
  Winners of the fourth installment of the Fabulous Four essay contest were determined by a special selection panel that included previous Fabulous Four winners, along with Susan G. Komen® and USBC staff.
  The Fabulous Four winners receive a five-day trip that will start in the Dallas area with a special day at Komen headquarters. The group then will head to the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas, to tour the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame before receiving lessons from the Team USA coaching staff and PWBA stars at the International Training and Research Center.
  The Fabulous Four will complete their trip in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they will help kick off and compete in the 2017 USBC Women’s Championships.
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  Bryan O’Keefe, the director of bowling for McKendree University and a former assistant coach with the Team USA program operated by the United States Bowling Congress, has been named head coach of the Junior Team USA program.
  O’Keefe, who will continue in his current role with McKendree, will oversee the selection of athletes and the training camps for the boys’ and girls’ teams, in addition to serving as coach for the teams at international competitions.
  His first assignment will be to attend the USBC Team USA Trials and United States Amateur Bowling Championships, starting Jan. 4 in Henderson, Nevada, where several spots on 2017 Junior Team USA will be determined.
  “Having worked with the Team USA and Junior Team programs, I understand what a tremendous opportunity and responsibility it is to oversee teams that represent the United States,” O’Keefe, 42, said. “It’s hard to express what a great feeling it is to be able work with Junior Team USA while continuing my work at McKendree.”
  O’Keefe and his wife, Shannon, joined McKendree in the summer of 2014, with Bryan taking over as director of bowling and Shannon being selected head coach of the women’s team. The Bearcats’ men’s team, coached by Dennis Knepper, captured the Intercollegiate Team Championships title in 2016, while the women’s team reached the semifinals.
  “Bryan O’Keefe is recognized as one of the top coaches in the country, and we’re excited to have him back with the Junior Team USA program,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “He’s a great teacher and understands how to get the best performances out of talented athletes.”
  O’Keefe became a Team USA assistant coach in 2010. His first opportunity to coach Junior Team USA in a world event came in 2012 at the 12th World Bowling Youth Championships in Bangkok, where he led girls’ squad to the team title. During his time with the Team USA program, athletes earned more than 100 medals, including more than 20 gold medals.
  He served as facility manager of the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, where he taught bowlers and oversaw the pro shop, in addition to working with Team USA and Junior Team USA players.
  O’Keefe earned Gold coach status from USBC Coaching Certification and Development in 2014. USBC Gold is the highest certification level a bowling coach can achieve.
As a collegiate bowler, O’Keefe earned first-team All-America honors while helping Nebraska to a national title in 1996.
  The 2017 USBC Team USA Trials will determine the final 12 spots on 2017 Junior Team USA, which will consist of 12 boys and 12 girls. The top four boys and top four girls at the 2017 Team USA Trials, based on ranking points, will earn automatic spots, while two additional boys and two additional girls from either the 2017 Team USA Trials or 2016 Junior Gold Championships, will be selected by the National Selection Committee.
  Six boys and six girls earned spots on 2017 Junior Team USA through qualifying at the 2016 Junior Gold Championships, which were held in July in Indianapolis.
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  A year after earning PBA Rookie of the Year honors, Sweden’s Jesper Svensson received one of his home country’s most prestigious awards when he was recognized as Sweden’s Rookie Sportsman of the Year at the annual Swedish Sports Gala.
  Sharing the stage with Olympic gold medal winners from other sports, the 21-year-old two-handed player took center stage during a live nationally-televised black-tie gala to accept the award in front of millions of television viewers. After winning three of his five career PBA titles in 2016, including the 51st PBA FireLake Tournament of Champions, Svensson was chosen by a jury from the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet over football (soccer) player Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, world champion Thai-boxer Patricia Axling and talented skier Ebba Andersson.
  The award is presented to a young and upcoming athlete. According to Swedish Bowling Federation reporter Markus Hegnelius, it marked the first time a bowler has received an award at the biggest stage of Swedish sports, bringing tenpin bowling onto the front pages of the newspapers.
Turbo Announces Multi-Year
Sponsorship Agreement with Kegel

  Turbo has announced a multiyear contract extension of its sponsorship agreement with Kegel. The agreement will position Kegel as the title sponsor of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Collegiate Coaches Dinner Reception through 2020.
  “Turbo and Kegel have been great friends and allies for many years,” said Turbo President Lori Mraz. “We are delighted to solidify a long-term partnership agreement with Kegel.”
  The Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo debuted in 2011, and has become one of the premier events for prospective collegiate bowlers and coaches. Growing in both size and scope in each successive year, the event will attract more than 200 bowlers, high school and collegiate coaches. This year’s Collegiate Expo is scheduled for July 11-13 at Game of Wickliffe in suburban Cleveland.
  “The synergy between Kegel and Turbo is a perfect fit,” said Chris Chartrand, President and CEO of Kegel. “We’ve been strategically aligned with Turbo since our existence. Kegel is extremely focused on competitive bowling and our interests are very much aligned with Turbo’s.”
  As with previous agreements between Turbo and Kegel, the partnership will incorporate a number of other elements. Turbo will provide product support to Webber International University, both men’s and women’s programs, and to special events hosted by Kegel Connection Pro Shops.
  The sponsorship agreement will also see the Turbo Tech Training Facility in Chesterfield, MI become one of the first to install Kegel’s new Specto Bowling System. Specto was unveiled at International Bowl Expo in 2016, and will be utilized at Turbo Tech as a coaching tool to measure all phases on ball motion on the lane.
  “Specto uses Lidar technology, which is the same technology used in self-driving vehicles,” said Chartrand. “Specto’s sensors are measuring a bowler’s delivery every six inches. So not only can we measure where the ball is from the foul line to the pin deck, but also how the ball is moving through the pins.”
  Bowlers will be able to see their performance evaluation from up to 35 different types of information with precision accuracy from one single shot. Users can see their performance evaluation and focus on their weak points with online tips from our coaches.
  “You can compare your speed, rev rate and accuracy against the top bowlers in the world,” said Chartrand. “With Turbo Tech installing the system, we’ll be able to bring more bowlers closer to our game through instruction and innovation.”
  Mraz says that with this sponsorship, Turbo and Kegel will continue together to promote bowling as a competitive and lifetime sport.
  “The positive collaboration between both organizations allowed us to be comfortable expanding our sponsorship,” said Mraz. “We share similar sentiments in regards to education, improvement, and a simple passion for the sport. Kegel’s presence is a true asset to the Collegiate Expo.”

  ARLINGTON, Texas – Lou Marquez has joined the International Training and Research Center staff as manager of the pro shop for the facility located at the International Bowling Campus.
  Marquez, the former president of the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association, was Director of Training at the Metro Detroit Bowling and Resource Center the last three years. While president for IBPSIA, he created training-course curriculum and certification programs for the bowling industry.
  “The ITRC is a state-of-the-art training facility, and I’m excited to join the staff,” Marquez said. “I’ve worked with bowlers and coaches from throughout the world, and this is a great opportunity for me.”
  A United States Bowling Congress Gold coach, Marquez’s role at the ITRC will include training and lessons in addition to management of the pro shop. The ITRC offers individual and group lessons, as well as training for high school, collegiate and national teams/federations.
Marquez earned Gold status, the highest level of coaching certification from USBC, in 2007. He served as a Team USA coaching specialist in 2007-2008, assisting with Junior Team USA.
  He worked at Turbo 2-N-1 Grips from 2005-2013 as head coach. There, he created the training and fitness curriculum for Turbo Tech. In 2011, he started the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo, an educational and recruiting platform for high school students.
  “Lou knows how to run a successful pro shop and has a great deal of experience training players and coaches,” said ITRC Head Coach Rod Ross. “He’s worked with national teams, including his work with the Team USA program, and is a great addition to the ITRC team.”
  Before joining Turbo, Marquez was a coach and pro shop manager at the Kegel Training Center, working with professional and elite amateur bowlers and training national, collegiate and high school coaches. He then worked for the Hong Kong Bowling Federation, where he implemented the adult and youth training curriculum for the national teams.
  The ITRC is the home of Team USA. To learn more, visit
Four Candidates Slated For USBC Board Election, 15 Amendments Proposed

  Delegates will vote on three open positions on the United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors and will decide 15 proposed amendments during the 2017 USBC Convention and Annual Meeting, set for April 24-27 at The Orleans in Las Vegas.
  Incumbents Jo Dimond of Columbus, Ohio, and Karl Kielich of El Paso, Texas, are among the four candidates slated by the USBC Nominating Committee for the three open board positions. Both Dimond and Kielich will be seeking their third and final terms on the board.
  Also slated are Glenda Beckett of Palmetto Bay, Florida, and Adam Mitchell of Reston, Virginia. The USBC Nominating Committee can slate up to two candidates for each open board position.
  Marci Williams of Wichita, Kansas, is completing her final term on the board, as she has served the maximum three terms, while Robert Spigner of San Francisco, who joined the board in October 2012, chose not to seek re-election.
  Of the 15 proposed amendments, two proposals are for league rules, eight proposals for tournament rules and there are five bylaws proposals. Changes to league and tournament rules will require a majority of the votes cast to pass; bylaws proposals require two-thirds votes for adoption.
  Among the notable proposals for league and tournament rules is to allow leagues and tournament directors the option to cap a handicap game at 300 and to cap a handicap series at 900. A notable bylaw proposal is to change the formula that determines the number of delegates each association can send to the USBC Convention.
  The board elections will take place Thursday, April 27, during the USBC Annual Meeting at The Orleans. Additional candidates may run from the floor if they provide notice of their candidacy to the committee by March 27. Go to for the Nomination from the Floor form. Biographies of the slated candidates soon will be available at
  For the complete list of proposed amendments and more information about the USBC Convention and Annual Meeting, go to